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The youth in the twenty-first century are facing a crisis. The high level of negative influence from social media as well as peer pressure has set a devastating ripple effect to the youth all over the world. Similarly, Singapore is no exception. Past records have shown that acts of delinquency, premarital sex, sexual behaviour, smoking and tobacco use, as well as substance abuse 16695686are common among youths. This is a more probable case for youths that come from dysfunctional families or even for those whom the parents placed immense pressure on. These youths then have a tendency to behave radically, which may bring about actions that are exciting but unsafe, or even interesting but unethical. Similarly, technology has been shaped and integrated into the lifestyles of our youth in the present-day. Technology is well advanced over the last decade and it will continue to transform rapidly over the next few years. Social media has also played a large role in technology and in turn impacted how youths interact and think. The effects are shown by the high suicide rate among the young people as well as an increase of 7% with divorce and 6% with regards to separation between spouses (A statistical handbook done by National Youth Council, https://www.resourceportal.nyc.sg/nycp/ShowDoc/WLP+Repository/nyc/resources_fs/nys2013/compilation, accessed Sep 30, 2015).

In view of the above, there is then a great calling for churches to reach out to these youths; to transform, to change and to mould them before the world does. As Yaconelli mentioned, “Youth ministry has been the church’s response to the crisis of generation of students who find themselves caught in the current of culture.” ( Mike Yaconelli, The Core Realities of Youth Ministry: Nine Biblical Principles That Mark Healthy Youth Ministries (Zondervan, 2003), 4.) The culture has shaped so much of our youths’ perception of things and to some extent, even influenced their behaviour too. “Culture is a map.10881876_855653544479749_4137923177451656219_n Developmentally, the youth are living in a period marked by more earth-shaking changes and uncertainty than they’ll ever experience again. Consequently, they are continually looking for a map to guide them along the way” (Walt Mueller, Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture: Bridging Teen Worldview and Christian Truth (InterVarsity Press, 2006), 119.) Mueller wrote that that map is post-modernisation. It gives defined objectives and goals that moulded their mentality, hence providing the youth with the how’s and wonderings of life. It is important for the church to understand the modern culture and remain relevant as it can changes can take place so rapidly, even overnight. However, just staying relevant is not enough to reach and transform our youths. Henceforth, there are ways and methodologies around being effective in youth ministry, which can be found in our Enjoy Church Youth and Young Adults ministry.

RADIATORS is an dynamic youth and young adult ministry that springs forth from Enjoy Church.

This ministry reaches out to young people aged 13 to 29 years from all walks of life. It aims to create a safe and inclusive community of young people who learns to understand God and His purposes in our lives.

11051741_979468432098259_4102759074392553196_nIt is our endeavour to win souls for Jesus by building and producing strong disciples of Jesus through the Word; with the help of the Holy Spirit, we hope to send them into the world for His Glory. We hope to accomplish this by providing holistic ministry and the teaching of His Word

Join us, the Radiators as we:

Rejoice in the Truth,

Ablaze for His Purpose, and

Desire for His Presence.

Let us RADiate God’s love!

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