The Refreshment and help ministry is a “practical aid and support” to the pastor’s vision of a support to the body of Christ. It is also a supernatural ministry listed among such things as miracles and healing. It is a gift God has set in the church to bring to pass the vision or goal given to the pastor.56cf7cbe-6a98-4fcc-89ec-a11f256be768

If you have a real heart to serve the people of God, then the Ministry of Helps may be where you need to be. The armorbearers, altar workers, culinary workers, greeters, communion servers, parking, security, are just a few of the ministries that fall under the ministry.

The ministry also cater for church services and events by providing palatable meals and/or refreshments. This includes preparation of the food and venue before the service/event and cleaning up the dishes and venue after the service/event.


We enjoy cooking, serving people and working together as a team. We also feel very blessed to be a part of the Sunday services as we provide an atmosphere where people can fellowship and build lasting relationships.

Holy-Communion-300x227How do we work?
In teams:
Set-up team: getting the venue ready.
Catering team: serving the meal and/or cooking the meal.
Communion team: serving communion.
Clearing team: cleaning the venue.

How can you help?

  • Join the ministry and be a part of a team.
  • Cook a meal one of the Sundays.
  • Be Available.