At ENJOY Church we recognize that our local church is only one small piece of a larger puzzle in God’s larger Church across our region, country and the world. So we partnered ourselves with various Christian organizations to learn, grow and serve in a way that gains strength in numbers that is allowing us to be part of the mission far greater than just ourselves.

willow-summitThe Global Leadership Summit

The Global Leadership Summit is a two-day event that is telecast LIVE from Willow’s campus near Chicago every August to more than 300 locations in North America. Throughout the fall, Summit events take place in an additional 400+ cities, 128 countries—translated into 55 languages.

ndowdyGlobal Covenant Network

Wherever she travels, Dr Dowdy has been asked about apostolic covering for churches and ministers. Often times, she was asked to provide apostolic oversight for these churches and ministers.In response to this need, she founded Global Covenant Network to provide for the spiritual covering and protection of Ministers, Leaders, Organizations and Ministries.

She avails herself to walk with these leaders through their ministry journey, providing personal mentoring both in life and ministry so that they will fulfill their calling and destiny.

Church Empowerment