abrahamI am Abraham Ng Choo Soon, I am 70 years old now. I work as an Undertaker for about 5 to 6 years already. Before this job, I have never worked in all my life. At the age of 16, I joined a gang and began extortion and selling illegal items. It was easy money. I was also a Buddhist Medium during this time. But on 2 May 1977 I committed manslaughter during a gang fight.

After, I surrender myself to the police and was send to prison for 8 years. There was no freedom inside prison. The warden say “Sit here” I must sit here, even dogs have more freedom. After 8 years, I went back to my gang and continue living my gangster lifestyle. I then begin selling and taking drugs. My family and friends then begin to hate me because of my drugs and constantly asking for money. Feeling hopeless in life, I decided to commit suicide by taking 70 to 80 sleeping pills at one go. But I did not die, however I injured myself in the process and broke my left leg.

My daughter and son-in-law force me to go to IMH to check up. If I am ok, they will take me home. However, after I went to IMH, my family members refuse to take me home. Then one of the counsellor, give me two choice. Either I stay here and really become mad or I can go to halfway house. I decide to go halfway house so that I can run away.

When I was in a halfway house, the doors were never locked but I just could not run away. I think it’s the Holy Spirit who stop me from running. The brothers in the halfway were very nice to me. I began going for morning devotion and chapel and soon I became a Christian.

After becoming a Christian, I feel very happy, that Jesus save me and my life was change. After a long time, a staff in the halfway house went to my daughter to ask her to pay me a visit. At first my daughter did not want to visit me, but the staff told her about how I have changed and my daughter decided to visit.

My daughter then also become a Christian after seeing how I have change, and in 2013 I was baptism in Church of Singapore. God have bless me in many ways and after becoming a Christian, my life is very smooth and happy. Even after work sometimes, rain, or how tired I am, I would still go church because of God. Without Jesus I would still be in the dark but now I am in the light.